Quality Bookkeeping is the foundation of success, and a good
accountant is the best advisor.

Ocean Accounting Ltd performs complete accounting services, from bookkeeping, tax records, tax calculation, payroll and fringe benefits to any other services that are required and necessary for regular and quality running of business with compliance and implementation of legal, professional and internal regulations. Our team consists of educated, proactive and dedicated professionals oriented towards a stable and long-term growth and development.

Responsibility towards clients' needs drives us to hosts the highest standards of quality and prompt services. Every customer is very important to us and all of our engagement is based on an individual agreement with the client, which is based on the client’s organizational structure, ownership structure, company size and location and extent of documentation processing.

Through conversations with clients we obtain information about their needs and preferences in order to determine optimal collection, processing and analysis of documents and data as well as what are clients and our obligations . We help businesses get started and take upon ourselves complicated procedures of the setting up a company and assist with advice in bringing up new companies "on their feet". Discretion and delicate handling of personal information are imperative in our line of work and from the very start we build partnerships with clients, based on trust.
We stay up to date with new laws and regulations and, to inform our customers in a timely manner, we regularly  improve our knowledge, follow professional publications and use services of consulting companies in the area of finance, accounting and tax system.