Accounting services

Ocean Accounting performs the following accounting services:

Assistance with registration of a company in the Tax Administration in initiating activities (PDP form and other required documentation)
Preparation of an application for registration in the VAT system (EPPDV form), and any subsequent changes to the data (form IEPDV)
Informing customers about current changes in legislation
Control before posting accounting documents - computational accuracy and completeness, truthfulness and actuality of the transaction is determined by the person responsible for preparing accounting documents
  1. Bookkeeping - journal, general ledger, subsidiary ledgers - analytical records in compliance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia
Keeping books of received invoices and books of issued bills - taxpayers for VAT
Preparation and calculation of VAT and tax return
  1. Performing calculations for the wholesale and import
Foreign currency accounting
Keeping records of fixed assets and depreciation calculation
Calculation of salaries and benefits with associated tax returns
Calculation of service contracts, royalties agreements, leases, dividends and other payments. with accompanying tax returns
Preparation of Form M-4 for registration of years of service
Preparation of the annual financial statement (balance sheet, income statement, statistical annex, changes in equity, cash flow statement and notes)
Preparation of tax statement and supporting documentation for Tax Administration
Preparation of necessary documentation for obtaining loans
Submission of tax returns to the relevant state authorities
Providing assistance and representation of clients before relevant state authorities in regular addressing and control

We also provide additional, subsequent and emergency services, especially taking into account the specific client needs and cases in a given situation.